Samsung has finally decided not to use the scanner iris ( iris scanners ) at its flagship Galaxy S5 will come , but will focus on fingerprint scanning technology .
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According to sources KoreanHerald , Samsung is currently testing different types of biometric scanners but have considered the iris ( read eyes ) . But the problem may be difficult when the user each time have to unlock the screen by using eyes , because some of them might just be a dark place or wearing sunglasses .

Not only that , Iris scanners should also involve placing a new module on the front camera besides selfies camera . Because if the camera uses the same scanning will be more complicated because it has two functions .

Biometric IriTech Inc. company . and Sambon Precision and Electronics Co. , both denied reports about Samsung talks about using their iris scanning technologies .

This truth is also revealed by the executive vice president of Samsung , Lee Young - hee who claim that the company is currently studying the iris recognition , but they have focused on instilling a fingerprint scanner located at the bottom of the screen so that the device will unlock after you touch it .

Company fingerprint scanning Fingerprint Cards AB of Sweden , has even admitted that they had spoken with smartphone makers , including the Korean vendor .
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The fingerprint scanner was already used by Apple on the iPhone 5S , and until now there is still a problem ( bug ) in the scanner . Therefore banar Samsung should really be ready to use this technology .


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CALIFORNIA - Game Plants vs. Zombies : Garden Warfare scheduled for release this week on the Xbox One experienced delays . Neither PopCap and Electronic Arts ( EA ) does not explain the reason for the delay debut of Plants vs. Zombies : Garden Warfare on the Xbox One .

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However , the game will be released on February 25th in North America and February 28 in the United Kingdom . As reported by DigitalSpy , Friday ( 01/17/2014 ) .

Meanwhile , Plants vs. Zombies : Garden Warfare will have a number of exclusive features than the Xbox 360 , such as playing multiplayer and split - scree - Battlefield Commander mode that can be played through SmartGlass .

In addition to the console release , PopCap plans to release the game to the PC . Unlike the previous versions , the game Plants vs. Zombies Xbox One specifically developed by Electronic Arts ( EA ) these gamers are given the opportunity to play the zombies .

Zombies eating human brains , is now equipped with some special abilities and different weapons to fight the plant .

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How to play this popular game was changed previously relied on a strategy , be like a war game Call of Duty , Battlefield and more. The gamers can shoot and injure plants and other zombies played by other gamers . Games can be played by four people even up to 25 players .


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WATERLOO - Windows Phone BlackBerry strategy seems to not be in the near future . Therefore , the company has no plans to release the BlackBerry Messenger ( BBM ) to the platform .

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" Our initial launch on iOS and Android is a function of the prevalence of that platform , " said David Proulx Business Development fuel as reported by TrustedReviews , Saturday ( 28/01/2014 ) .

Although it has no plans to launch a Windows Phone in fuel , he did not dismiss if at any time the weapon pamungkasnya released to the Microsoft platform .

" Another emerging platforms , where we may take execution to the platform as well , " he added .

For now further Proulx , BlackBerry is still calculating how much the potential of Windows Phone . If you have a considerable amount of interest , the companies did not hesitate to remove the fuel outside of iOS and Android .

Windows Phone to be one platform that application developers began to be taken into account . Photo sharing service Instagram and Vine also has entered Microsoft`s mobile OS app store . In fact , had already entered the Path , though still in beta .

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To note the fuel has been downloaded over 10 million times in the first 24 hours of when the application was released to iOS and Android in October 2013 .


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The higher the coconut , the faster the wind is blowing . Social network Path is being reaped popularity. Even recently the social networking entrepreneurs get investment from Indonesia.
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However , the popularity of the path used for the benefit of a particular group of people .
On Thursday ( 16/01/2014 ) , Path said via his official Twitter account that it has suffered an attack of spam or junk messages .
" Some of our users have received messages in the trash as part of this cyber attack , but the user personal data remains safe , " the official response Path .
Quoted from Cnet , garbage messages that attacked partially Path users are entered into the Messages feature , where ordinary users have a conversation .
Accounts unknown suddenly appears and displays a message that sounded tempting
Path does not specify in detail how exactly the number of users affected by spam , as well as who the alleged perpetrator of the spreader junk messages .
Last year , Path users also reported oddities experienced when using social networking . Application Path reportedly sent an SMS to multiple contacts contained in smartphones .
The message contains an invitation to join their network . However , Path rebuffs do with giving the reason that this occurs because the mobile operator error .
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Attacks on other social networking also recently occurred in Snapchat . Many report that the account belongs to them flooded junk messages .

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