In the metal casting process , there are several steps that must be undertaken to produce a mold of metal products . Prior to the casting process , first we need to know the sense of casting itself. Casting is a manufacturing process of the workpiece metal , by heating the metal to melt or melt which is then poured into the mold . Materials - materials that will be melted metal is heated in the kitchen heating up to a certain temperature to melt or fuse .( proses pengecoran aluminium )

In the casting process , there are three steps that must be done , namely : preparation tools and materials ; casting process and evaluation . What is meant by the evaluation here is an evaluation of the workpiece printout , the likelihood of defects on the printout objects . Here`s a brief description of the three stages ,
First , the preparation of tools and materials . Tools and materials should be prepared , namely ,

a. Sand to mold . In the casting process , sand is used to make a mold of the workpiece to be made . The sand used is not arbitrary , but rather should be tested first to determine the desired characteristics in the casting process . Sand used should have the following characteristics :

Ø The sand must be permeability . Namely , the sand is able to have an air gap or out when the sand is compacted and get the pressure of the molten metal is poured in sand molds . When the molten metal is poured into a sand mold , will provide air pressure to exit , if the air can not escape through the gap - a gap of sand , it can cause defects in molded articles.

Ø The sand should have a high melting point . The liquid metal is poured into a sand mold , has a high temperature , if the sand did not have a high melting point (lower than the melting point of the metal ) , it will also dissolve the sand mold with molten metal is poured . Initially dense sand mold with molten metal will dissolve , so it can cause defects on the printout .

b . Setting up the pattern of the workpiece ( artificial objects ) . The pattern of the same object made ​​with the workpiece to be printed , but the pattern is made larger in size about 5 % of the size of the object to be created . For example , if we are going to print the object size is 10 mm in length , then the pattern is made of 10.5 mm in length . This is done to avoid shrinkage on casting the result object . The pattern of mock objects can be made from metal , wood or plastic . However , of each - each material has its advantages and drawbacks of each - each . For pattern made ​​of wood and plastic , the manufacturing process easier and cost of manufacture was also cheaper . However , a pattern made ​​of wood or plastic can be used for the production of objects in relatively small quantities or non- bulk . It is caused when a pattern is pressed on the sand by being hit , then this pattern will be damaged or broken , due to the less powerful . While the pattern is made ​​of metal , making the process a little more complicated and somewhat expensive biayannya . However , the pattern is made ​​of metal can be used in a longer period of time , usually for mass production , because the pattern of stronger metals compared with patterns made ​​of wood or plastic .

c . Setting up the framework of the mold . Framework of this mold is made of wood board , which consists of the cup and drag . Cup is the top board , while the drag is the bottom board . On the outer side , between the cup and given the drag lock , with a view to avoiding terjadiya or shearing motion between the cup and drag . If the order is shifted when the cups are connected ( stacked ) on top of the drag , the sand mold in order to be broken .

d . Setting up a kitchen heater or furnace . Kitchen heater serves to melt the metal to be printed . The kitchen consists of a heating furnace ( crucible ) , and kilns . Fuel used for combustion processes a wide - range , there is the use of electric power , the system resembles an electric iron , and there is also that use fuel oil and gas as fuel .

( Read: teknik pengecoran aluminium )

e . Setting up the metal to be melted material . Metal smelting can be done for a wide - range of metals, such as iron ; steel ; aluminum ; steel copper alloy ( bronze , brass , bronze, aluminum ) ; light alloy ( aluminum alloy , magnesium alloy ) ; as well as other alloys such as zinc alloy , Monel ( nickel alloy with a bit of copper ) , hasteloy ( alloys containing molybdenum , chrome and silicon ) .
The second stage , which is a metal casting . At this stage of things to do are :

a. Making molds objects to be printed on the sand . Done by compacting the sand in order to mold , pressing the sand which had previously been planted mock object pattern . Sand pressed and beaten so dense , so the sand mold is not damaged and come late when molten metal is poured .
b . Combining cup and drag , with a note and drag cup position - should be appropriate and fitting should not be shifted .
c . Making inlet for pouring molten metal in sand molds .
d . Metal smelting process . Metal - metal will be melted put in the kitchen heating , and heated to a certain temperature , the metal hinga really - really fused or melted .
e . Pour the molten metal into sand molds previously created through inlet . When pouring the molten metal , do not get too high because of the mold sand can cause the temperature of the molten metal is reduced .
f . Let the hardened molds , wait for about 10 to 15 minutes , depending on the major large - size and thickness - thin objects are created .
g . Unloading of sand mold frame , grab objects and clean sand casting results are still attached , then cut the inlet where the fluid infusion and puree with garinda .

At the final stage of the casting process is evaluation . Evaluation here the intention is to analyze the results of casting workpiece . That needs to be analyzed is the occurrence of defects that may occur during the casting process . The process is observed object casting the results , looking for defects that occur , seek the cause of defects that occur during the process pegecoran , and provide closure to handle it. This evaluation is done to be used in anticipation of the next casting process in order to avoid further error or defect in the object casting results .


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Good night my friend Nehandnews night on occasion this time I will share about this bird , humming bird stone well , maybe not all in the know with this stone humming bird , a bird that many are owned by people who her special bird hobbyist ( Chirping mania ) for at Include the race because of a humming bird stone bird is known to have the ability to sing very well with a melodious voice and his very varied chirping , birds are very expensive his price purportedly his prices are the new chicks can feed themselves above the price reached over and if the bird 1m this has often won the race its price could reach hundreds of millions , so it is for this reason that makes me reluctant to maintain this bird , besides its price is very expensive too difficult in terms of its maintenance . Heeehe

Birds that have a Latin name ( Copychus malabaricus ) is a member of the family Turdidae . Birds Turdidae family is known to have a good singing ability with a melodious voice , bermelodi . Fame humming bird of stone not just a melodious voice , yet also very presentable and attractive style of fighting with a long tail mengibatkan , Nah mate taukah rock types of this kind of humming bird itself ?

Murai Batu Bird Beautiful Enchanting

The types of stone magpie known in Indonesia are as follows :
1 . Murai Batu terrain , hill area is spread in Lawang , Bohorok , the foot of Mount Leuser region of North Sumatra . Tail length 27-30 cm .
2 . Murai Aceh , at the foot of Mount Leuser Aceh region . Tail length 25-30 cm .
3 . Murai stone Nias , tail length up to 20-25 cm . The tail is black overall .
4 . Murai Jambi , Bengkulu life in the region , South Sumatra , and Jambi .
5 . Murai Batu Lampung , living in Krakatau , Lampung . Larger body size than Murai Medan . Tail length 15-20 cm .
6 . Murai Murai Banjar or Borneo , the most popular kind on the island of Borneo , as they often dominate the various races in Borneo . Deployment in East Kalimantan and South Kalimantan . Tail length up to 10-12 cm .
7 . Murai Murai Palangka or Borneo , tail length 15-18 cm . Living in the forest areas of West and Central Kalimantan .
8 . Murai Murai Larwo or Java , living in the forest areas of Central Java and West Java . The body is much smaller than the magpie field . This species is very rare to find. Long tail 8-10 cm .
Aside from the eight sub - species of magpie stone above , there is still a magpie stone originating from neighboring countries , namely :

1 . Murai Stone Malaysia , Penang distribution area . The hallmark feature of long, thin tail about 30-33 cm and body posture is greater than the magpie field .
2 . Thailand Murai stone , Spreading in the border areas of Thailand and Malaysia , the shape of the body is greater than the magpie field , tail length up to 32-35 cm and has a glossy black bluish .
3 . Murai Philippine rock , spread in the region of Luzon and Catanduanes . Type a humming bird is more appropriately called the humming bird ornament , because this bird has a very beautiful body color .

Spread of Bird Murai Batu area :
1 . Copsychus interpositus ( Nepal , India , Myanmar , Yunnan , China, Thailand and Indochina )
2 . Copsychus stricklandii ( Sabah , Borneo )
3 . Copsychus andamanensis ( Andaman Nicobar )
4 . Copsychus albiventris ( Andaman )
5 . Copsychus indicus ( Nepal , Indochina )
6 . Copsychus pellogynus ( Myanmar , Peninsular )
7 . Copsychus minor ( Hainan - China )
8 . Copsychus mallopercnus ( Malaysia )
9 . Copsychus javanus ( West Java and Central Java )
10 . Copsychus omissus ( Read: suara murai batu )
11 . Copsychus barbouri ( Maratua , East Kalimantan )
12 . Copsychus leggei ( Sri Lanka )
13 . Copsychus malabaricus ( India )
14 . Copsychus macrourus ( Con Son , South Vietnam )
15 . Copsychus tricolor ( Malaysia , Sumatra , Natuna Island and Anamba )

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Google is reportedly working on a project called Project Tango . This project will create a tablet that is born from the initiative of computer vision which combines several advanced 3D imaging sensors to a portable device in real time . daftar harga hp

Reporting from AppleInsider , the internet search giant is continuing research into computer vision technology with the creation of a 7 inch tablet with two rear-facing camera , infrared depth sensor and customized software in it .

As a speaker at Google, said that Google began producing prototypes 4,000 units in June 2014.

The tablet seems to have the same imaging hardware or similar to the version of the smartphone , which comes with a regular camera mounted near the top of the handset , motion-sensing camera positioned opposite and integrated sensor mounted between the two.

It is not known what type of CPU that will be used by the tablet , but Google offers two main features of the processor on this tablet with high quality and 3D imaging sensors to see a wide variety of objects in three- dimensional format .

Project Tango webpage I noted sensor " suite " allows the tablet to make more than a quarter million 3D measurements every second , which then update the position and orientation in real-time combine the data into a single 3D model in the scene around you . This application is very useful for navigation for users who experience vision problems , and to immersive augmented reality games .

Google plans to release tablets before Google I / O , which began on June 25, 2014 . So far Google has not given specification of the details , price , and availability of the Tango Project tablet . harga hp samsung

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How to Make a New Facebook Account / How to Register Fb 2014 - Facebook is one of the most popular social media today . Mark artificial Zuckenberg website also has skyrocketed from a simple website to become standings while listing websites based on Alexa rank . This is reasonable only natural , because it has become the opiate facebook for nearly all societies around the world , including in Indonesia.

With the development of Internet and Internet programs increasingly genncarnya enter the village . Facebook is one of the famous social media among the general public . In addition to communicating with each other , facebook also provide ease of use . So it does not take long for facebook to get the user to reach the billions .

How to Make a New Facebook Account / How to Register Fb 2014

In addition , with the internet in the countryside . This makes some of the villagers are looking for information about how to create a new facebook account to communicate with friends and family who have first have a facebook . To that end , here I will give a brief tutorial for those who really want to know how to create a new facebook account in 2014.
1 . Preparing to Make a New Facebook Account

Before creating a new facebook account , you must have a previous email first . For those of you who already have , please direct them to the next stage . For those who have not , please read this article :

How to Make Email in Gmail

If your email is so, please go to the next stage
2 . How to Make a New Facebook Account

Please login first to sites www.facebook.com

After that , please fill out the form on the front page of facebook .
Formnya display is as follows :

Form how to create a facebook account

Description charging :
Fill in the appropriate First Name = your first name
Last Name = Fill in the appropriate family name
Fill in your email = email in accordance with the tool you have created
Re- enter Email = Fill back with your email address
New Password = Fill in the password you want . Use the password is a mix of letters and numbers . Try not to use the name and date of birth , because it is usually easily broken people who are not responsible .
Date of Birth = Fill in the date of your birth
Sex = Pilihklah according to your gender

If you have already filled the form , please click the " Sign Up " at the bottom of the form . My advice , if you want to make a facebook , use your original data yourself , because if you only use fake data ( especially the name ) then your account could have been deleted by facebook .
3 . Way Facebook Account Settings

After clicking the " Sign Up " , you will be taken to the next page .

The new page will appear in some of the following :

Step 1 - Find a friend in our email list
Step 2 - Fill out the name of the school and college , work address , home address , etc.
Step 3 - Uploading a photo or avatar

For steps 1 and 2 , can you pass first . For the third step , please upload a photo or avatar. My advice , upload the same photo with a photo on the avatar email . After that press the " Save and Continue " .
4 . Way Confirmation Facebook Account

After uploading an avatar , you will enter the next page and there is a request for a confirmation email at the top .

After that , please enter your email kun circumstances , for example at www.gmail.com . Enter your email address and your email password . Then go to the inbox for an email from facebook .

Open the email and click the button that says " Confirm Your Account " . This will open a facebook page again .

Facebook account you `ve finished , it`s just still need some more settings such as account settings , privacy , and also cover . But this does not have you do now . Gradually you can do the activity settings in facebook .

( Read: membuat facebook baru )

My advice , if you have a friend who already has a facebook . It would be better if you ask the help of your friend while learning how to manufacture and also settings in facebook .

Thus from my article on How to Make a New Facebook Account / How to Register Fb 2014. Thank you and hopefully useful .

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